Fiddler Crab

Fidler Crab

This is called the Fidler crab, its so tiny that you would miss it if you do not look closely.


Once more Agnes


Another one…she’s just too cute.



This is El’s cousin Agnes, who speaks superb Hindi for a Malyalee 🙂 I was really impressed. She just loved to pose for my camera. She’s a really cool kid, who I irritated continiously by getting her to converse with me in Hindi.

Lets Go Fishing


I had been to Kerala for my best friend, El’s wedding. People say Kerala is ‘God’s own country’, and I have to agree. Kerala is beautiful, especially the backwaters. In this pic you see El’s dad all dressed up as a fisherman, he took us on a boatride through the backwaters. We even went to a nearby island (you can see that in my other pics). I enjoyed my trip tremendously. Its a heavenly place and I recomend it to everyone.

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