Coorgie Bride

Coorg Bride




Rohan Pereira


Rohan is my lil bro,  a huge soccer fan and very good player too. I took this pic at the football feild in Sports Authority of India (SAI) in Bangalore.  The light is wonderful in this pic and I feel the sunlight has a golden tinge to it cuz it was taken at around 5 pm.  I really like this pic and he like it too cuz its his profile pic on Orkut and Facebook.  But wish I had composed it  better cuz his feet got cut-off.

Machado Family Tree

Machado Family Tree

This is my mom’s side of the family – the Machado Family. You have my aunts and uncles, second aunts and uncles (I guess that’s what youcnic call your mom’s cousins),  grand aunts and uncles, my cousins, second cousins, my brothers and my parents all in this picture. That was quiet a mouthful 🙂

I’m not in it cuz, I’m the photographer (obviously…i know).

My Brother

My Brother

This is my younger brother Rohan, a real sweetheart. He just loves to pose for a photograph and is one of my most co-operative subjects.  A very good soccer/ football player, who has played at state level and is very passionate about the game. This was taken on my Nikon D40 during a family picnic.



This is the ever shy Smita, she hates to pose for pictures.  This was captured when she was trying to look too busy to smile for a photograph…

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